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Kenny Fantum's World Cup Group Guide

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Shanklygates' own resident Norwicher gives us his opinion on the upcoming World Cup group stage.

Group A
Brazil and Croatia for me. Love their kit. Iconic. Milan Chipsterovic designed it, hentut.

Group B
Spain and Chile for me. Can see the Dutch squabblef*cking qualification right up.

Group C
Greece and Japan. Both hated nations on the global stage. We need baddies in the knockouts.

Group D
England and Costa Rica. Applecarts aots in the grope of d'eath.

Group E
France and Homduras. Don't rate Ecuador and the Swiss haven't got any false 9's

Group F
Argentina and Bosnia. Dzeko will snot Argentina, the huge brute.

Group G
Germany and USA. Klinsmann will be tossing off aots in the final game dead rubber to ensure both his teams go through. The cheaty f*ck.

Group H
Korea and Belgium. Russia are gash and all the decent Algerian players opt to play for France, the turncoat gloryhunting b*stards. Hi Zidane, hi Benzema! The kopites of the International Scene.